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People on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) who go to work can have more money to spend. They can also keep Medicare coverage while working. This toolkit will help you understand how wages impact SSDI. You will learn about the special tools, called work incentives, that let you try working and keep your SSDI.

This toolkit helps individuals with disabilities, family members of individuals with disabilities, and professionals who assist people with disabilities. Written by Debora Wagner, an instructor at the Work Incentive Support Center at Cornell University, the toolkit provides essential information, examples, and case studies. It also offers quizzes that help you interact with the material in a fun way, and summaries that provide just the most important facts.

The seven tools are:

  1. SSDI Eligibility & Appeals
  2. Trial Work Period
  3. Extended Period of Eligibility
  4. Tools to Reduce Countable Income
  5. Expedited Reinstatement of SSDI Benefits
  6. Medicare & Medicare Savings Programs
  7. Medicaid Buy-in

You can also view the More Info page to find recommended resources for people who need additional information.

Want to know more?

The Work Incentive Support Center offers online training and credentialing on these topics—the instruction is aimed at people working as work incentives planners, benefits counselors, and financial advisors. The center offers general training along with special add-on courses about youth and Veterans. You can find details at YTIOnline.